Literature Review Progress Report

My bibliography has gone through a number of developments since first writing the annotated bibliography. I accidentally researched the wrong topic the first go around, so I had to trash all of my sources except for two. The second go around, I hopefully found better and more correct sources, but since I have not received that copy back yet, I do not know. One book source that I know I am keeping for the final paper is the “Manchuria Under Japanese Dominion” text, because it offers a good amount of information on the (correct!) topic I am researching.

Currently I am focusing most of my attention with reading on that “Manchuria” book I mentioned earlier. Since it is a book it can take longer to read than a ten page article, and since I am a slow reader (especially when taking notes when reading) I know finishing it might take more time. I will also focus on the other books I found, and then later work on the articles. I could even read the articles to take a “break” from reading the books occasionally. While reading each book and article, I will write notes in a notebook/on paper to help organize my thoughts when I am writing about the main points of these texts in the literature review.

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